piezoMEMS 3D camera for space applications

May 26, 2021

The combination of thin-film piezoelectric microsystems (piezoMEMS) and micro-optics offers a unique platform for making highly reliable miniature 3D cameras suitable for space operation like e.g. future Mars rovers. Using SINTEF MiNaLab’s patented piezoMEMS micromirror technology we have made a structured light miniature 3D camera with a precision of only 0.2 mm. The camera provides 3D reconstructions with a capture rate of 12 Hz at an image resolution of 500 x 500 pixels making this a high-performance miniature 3D imaging system.

One intended application area is space exploration and in-orbit servicing, where robustness, compactness, and low weight are essential.

The work will be presented at the 8th piezoMEMS Workshop 7-9th of June 2021.

The technology is based on SINTEF’s piezoMEMS fabrication line in SINTEF MiNaLab.