Multi project batch fabrication service (MPB)

Cost saving through MPB

We Offer:

  • Proven piezoMEMS device fabrication
  • Confidentiality
  • Risk assessment for manufacturability of your design
  • Minimum 3 wafers per customer
  • ~40 % savings on fabrication costs

Process details:

  • 2 micron Nb doped CSD PZT
  • Bottom electrode: 100 nm Pt with LNO seed layer
  • Top Electrode: 250 nm Au
  • DRIE back side etch
  • Optional device layer release etch

Please find a flyer for the piezoMEMS MPB service here.

SINTEF has fabricated piezoMEMS devices since 2003 and has a proven track record.

Our PiezoMEMS Multi Project Batch (MPB) scheme offers production of PiezoMEMS devices for minimum 3 wafers per customer. By combining the orders from different customers into a single batch, fabrication costs are reduced by around 40 %.

Separate photomask set are used for each customer, thereby insuring flexibility and confidentiality. The devices are fabricated on high quality 150 mm SOI wafers. Different design variations and test structures can be combined in each customer’s photomask set.