PiezoMEMS applications

Piezoelectric MEMS can fulfil many of the requirements of future smart devices:

  • Low power requirements
  • Small volume
  • High performance
  • Ease of manufacture

Piezoelectric thin films can be useful in:

  • Ultrasonic speakers and transducers
  • Positioning systems
  • Pressure and flow sensors 
    (e.g. disposable blood pressure sensors)
  • Gas sensors
  • Vibration energy harvester
  • Accelerometers 
  • Micropumps

Within the field of microfluidics, PZT can be utilized for making pumps and valves. For acoustic applications, piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers (pMUT’s) can be used for both sending and receiving ultrasound. Within optics, bending mode actuators can be used for making spectrometers (Fabry‐Perot and FTIR) and mirrors as well as coherence modifying devices.

Direct effect: Converse effect: Converse effect: Both effects in resonance:
sensors and
energy conversion
linear actuators with resonant
ultrasound excitation
resonant transducer
Vibration sensor



Photoacoustic sensors

Energy scavenging 
from vibrations
Vibration damper

Optical scanner

Optical switch

Micro and nano probes

RF switch


Droplet ejector/inkjet
Ultrasonic stator 
for micromotor

Liquid delivery
Ultrasonic imaging

RF filters


Proximity sensors