PZT by chemical solution deposition (CSD)


SINTEF hasĀ the firstĀ automated micro-cluster tool for chemical solution deposition of PZT thin films from Obducat.

CSD is a very versatile method as it provides excellent stoichiometry control and coverage of large surface areas. In this method a precursor solution of metal organics is deposited by spin-coating and dried/pyrolyzed. The resulting amorphous film is then crystallized after the desired thickness is reached.

The cluster contains all necessary tools as solution delivery, spin coater, hot plates for pyrolysis, cooling plates and an integrated RTA (rapid thermal annealing) for crystallization.

The cluster has the following specifications:

  • Nb doped PZT chemistry from Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
  • LNO seed layer
  • EBR and BSR
  • Deposition of both 150 and 200 mm wafers