In addition to development projects for customers SINTEF participates in both EU and nationally founded projects in the field of piezoMEMS

    ECSEL JU 2017-2020
    SILENSE researches acoustic technologies and develops concepts to activate and control devices by gesture, data communication, and indoor positioning, exclusively based on these innovative technologies. These concepts can be used in different domains: wearables, automotive and smart home application.
    H2020 2015-2018
    PETMEM (Piezoelectronic Transduction Memory Device) is a European partnership amongst Universities, Research Institutions, SMEs and a large semiconductor company that will focus on the development of new materials and characterization tools to enable the fabrication of an entirely new low-voltage, memory element. Device operation at voltages an order of magnitude lower than CMOS technology.
    M-era.NET 2014-2017
    ENPIEZO (Enabling Technology for High Quality piezoMEMS) is an M-era.Net supported project, which aims to develop piezoelectric-based energy-harvesting (EH) devices to provide a remote source of electricity from waste vibrations with countless applications. The ENPIEZO project is to use a lead magnesium niobate – lead titanate (PMN-PT) piezoelectric layer in order to increase the power output of the harvester.
  • SafeSens
    ENIAC, 2014-2016
  • Lab4MEMS II
    ENIAC, 2014-2016
    Lab4MEMS II focuses on Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) that merge MEMS with Micro-optics to sense or manipulate optical signals using integrated mechanical, optical, and electrical systems, while the original project maintains its emphasis on developing a pilot line for next-generation MEMS devices augmented with such advanced technologies as piezoelectric or magnetic materials and 3D packaging.
  • Lab4MEMS
    ENIAC, 2013-2015
    Lab4MEMS aims to establish a European Pilot Line for innovative technologies on advanced piezoelectric and magnetic materials.
  • piezoVolume
    EU FP7, 2010-2013
    High volume piezoelectric thin film production process for microsystems
  • TLens
    Industry project with poLight
    Low power piezo-based autofocus lenses.
  • NORD-pie
    Piezoelectric Microsystems for Industry in the Nordic Countries
  • MEMS-pie, 2004-2007
    EU FP6
    Piezoelectric microsystems from the laboratory to production
  • microBUILDER
    EU FP6, 2006-2009
    An integrated modular service for microfluidics
  • e-CUBES
    FP6, 2006-2009
    3D Integrated Micro/Nano Modules For Easily Adapted Applications